Monday, November 26, 2007

Frigid temps and good surf.

This time of year brings some occasional cold fronts and most people including my wife head for the covers and crank up the heater. I on the other hand, was on my way this weekend(at 5:30am) with a buddy to enjoy the frigid wind and waves that our first strong cold front had delivered. If you can brave the cold temps, the fall and winter months can bring really good surf with nobody else out.

The outside break had some bombs, but it looked better than it was.

The middle sand bar this year seems to have really come together and is delivering some absolute gems.

Yah....... it was that good.

The high winds had blown this buoy in from the gulf and I thought it looked pretty cool. If you look close you can see yet another barrel in the background.

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MIKE said...

"Sacrifice One, Surf Will Come"...of course I was in San Antonio that day!!!