Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Re: Passing on a Prayer Request

I got an awesome phone call yesterday. Some friends of mine that put on a local surf report wrote about a man named Mike that had recently found out about a brain tumor. The tumor was going to require surgery and Mike's situation looked pretty bleak at best. I felt the need to pass on the story and the prayer request on the blog.
The phone call as it turns out was from Mike! He wanted to let me know that he had made a full recovery and was heading back to work today. He was really appreciative of all the prayers and good wishes.

It is so awesome to see God at work! Not often do we give God the credit for the miracles that he provides every day. Most of the time they are so subtle that you may not even notice but every once in a while you get a doosy like this one.
I am so happy for Mike and his Family and I appreciate everyones prayers for them. I'm sure the Lord does too.

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Ernie Villarreal said...

Well put!!