Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John and Robin

Another amazing wedding! I can't begin to explain what a blessing it is to have a job where I get to meet so many great people. On top of that... I get to be part of a once in a lifetime event that usually has so much love and emotion that you can feel it in the air.
John and Robin were no exception. They treated me as one of the family and I imagine that we will probably hang out in the future as friends. Here are a few pics from their special day.

Great shoes!

She looks ready to me!

Having the experience myself I can tell you that one is hard pressed to find a cooler moment then when your soon to be wife locks her eyes with yours as she is coming down the aisle.

The reception at Los Ebanos was beautiful and we found a nice shady spot to shoot some of the formals.

Yeah.... it was fun.

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RR said...

Richard, thanks so much for posting this amazing shots!