Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buddy and Margaret

This month has been so busy and so much fun. Buddy and Margaret's wedding had absolutely amazing weather, which was great since it was an outdoor wedding. Here are a few pics from the day. I included a few fun details and the food which tasted as good as it looked. They even had a grill top with food geared towards the kids.

Something old.

Something new.

Only Dads and Daughters know what that look is about.

Beautiful day for a beautiful ceremony at Los Ebanos.

Buddy and Margaret getting a giggle after the ceremony as she tries to collect her emotions unsucessfully. I love weddings!

This pizza was for "the kids," but I seem to recall a few seasoned individuals at the grill top.

Amazing cake. I'll try to post a link to the maker as soon as I find out.

I'm not allowed to come home without a piece of cake for Page, but this one almost didn't make it. You can see why.

Margaret whisked her grandma into this private room so that they could have a moment before she and Buddy left.

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