Monday, October 1, 2007

Passing on a prayer request.

The following statement was written by a friend who puts on a local surf report. If you have time please include Mike and his family in your prayers and feel free to write them if you want to.

So... had the privilege of teaching a high school basketball coach how to surf recently, his team just made the state finals, got a box of championship tshirts and even a pair of team nike court shoes from the guy, he's pretty proud of his team I'm sure, and I'm guessing they are plenty stoked on him. Well, his name is Mike, 6'+++, big ol' boy, always wanted to surf. So he gets a few waves, pretty dang clumsy I must admit (sorry Mike) but thats to be expected for a guy in his 40's that's never surfed, but he got a few, and was stoked as any grom. He wouldn't quit emailing me about what a great time he had surfing... but its such a refresher to hear about some one's "first time". One email said that he bought a bunch of Indo Boards for the team for training...go figure. I think it was for him. Well, today his wife calls, said Mike never stops talking about surfing, but during his lesson, he felt really clumsy and uncoordinated, and so he goes to his doc for a checkup and tells doc that he felt like he couldn't keep his balance. Doc does a catscan... and Mike finds out he has a massive brain tumor. His wife called me today from the waiting room to let us know he was going through an 11 hour brain surgery. I'm not sure of his prognosis, she said he had paralysis and to pray for him. So, if any of you have a moment say a prayer for Mike, or a word of support, here's his email .